Coffee Culture "has long become the idyllic lifestyle of Hanoi Vietnam. But in the eyes of foreigners, it can be explored with unique features. You'll feel it through the posts of women Journalist Katherine Zoepf The New York Times.
At first you will not find that place where. Located between two stores forced himself on a silk road city of Hang Gai crowded, narrow end of a path leading to small garden in the backyard, cafe quarter has a sense of discovery, Whether you come here first or the 50th.

Several residents said Hanoi to it as a secret cafe, an island almost separate from the crowded streets of old town motorcycle. The low table placed next few lotus flowers. The Japanese pigeons with hairy legs and tail spread fan shape crept softly among the tables and chairs. Collection of the art hanging on the wall restaurant. The canvas had been rain tarnishing. "The inkling," the owner said. Half morning coffee shrink away, except some old chess team inside their coffee.

Ancient custom is one of the finest coffee in Hanoi Vietnam. Unlike the rest of Asia - a continent of tea in general, a land of light compatible with Nescafé soluble packages for tourists like Java coffee, Vietnam has a culture other coffee Italy completely. Along with colonial architecture and chopsticks bread sold on street corners, coffee is one of the most pleasant that ruins the year domination of the French left.

Skip the traffic problem, still rhythm of life here calmly and almost any Vietnamese person you meet, whether young and old, rich and poor, have a coffee shop where they like, where they can spend hours to chat, smoking and sipping a cup of very strong coffee and fresh milk (coffee filter placed on a tall glass with ice dams and small condensed milk). It is commonly used brewing here for 20 to 40 cents for a glass (3000-6000 contract - TS).

It's a coffee culture restraint: No umbrellas fanfare, no table overhang placed curbside. Watch passersby is not its goal. Typical cafes in Hanoi is a small scene, often just a storefront with a picture frame isolated from the streets. Hanoi's Old Quarter - 36 streets, the 13th century, each town are named after the trade guilds of their kind - are small businesses of the family.

Inside the café, such as coffee Quynh Street Bat Dan, usually dark - contrary to the tropical sun outside. Each cup of coffee is a luxury that can accept in a country where annual household income is approximately 300 USD. The residents of Hanoi to the cafe to escape the heat of the day, to relax, and to sip a cup of coffee bitter sweet mix of the city.

Like much else in Vietnam, coffee has a history of bitter sweet and fleshy. The same colonial master France in Indochina has established the first coffee plantations in Vietnam, in late 19th century, exploiting their cheap labor of local farmers. 90 years ago, the cafes are scattered on the streets of Hanoi primarily for wealthy foreigners ...
In the list of declared objects and instruments to deduct the property of Keangnam has recorded up to 1000 the number of cameras to ensure the security and good order for the building this apartment. However, as soon as it comes into operation, in the first operation, a series of incidents occurred was on the "prime" the poor quality of the management team building. In particular, the loss of theft - which at least one unexpected luxury, the most elegant Hanoi still happen before the surprise of many people.

As reflected by a woman living in apartment A1101, dated 05/05/2011 about her work, inadvertently forgotten laptops in cars. The next morning go to work, she of the loss of your computer. Reported to protect the company, it announced: Not responsible for this. But after residents suggest checking the camera to steal the name "direct deduction" is none other than security guards.

Minutes confirmed at the security guards stole computer Keangnam residents.
This incident is being protected confirmation of Man company. "The issue is whether security guards were robbed at home will steal cars elsewhere while residents have loopholes? Or the modern equipment in the building safe? It's always dangerous when a high-end apartments are 5 star guard confidentiality but there are rogue elements like "- Uncle T., a member of the interim board of Keangnam residents complained to the PV.

Installing the card from exclusive to residents or members inside the building aims to manage and close to a scientific one. However, in a conversation with reporters on the sidelines, a technician at Keangnam said: Anybody (not residents of Keangnam), if required can also "secret" to buy the card from this for ... quite soft. Because, according to the technical staff: Time to do a card from the place not long, moreover, the monitoring and management from the card is not strictly so if "the price", they can "do illegal "cards for profit.
"In apartments increasingly populated as difficult to manage. Meanwhile, the thieves often steal in order to ensure nhe places much of, so much money in Keangnam is very normal conversation. Therefore, in addition to other concerns, residents are more a fear: Loss of stealing "- Although very nervous, but a people in Keangnam had to admit.
Do not stop in fear of fire, people living in the tallest building in Vietnam has suffered hundreds of thousands of other fears such rules stairs, free chat ...

Fires have occurred on the 7th floor building Keangnam pm 27 / 8 past again sounding a bell fears for thousands of residents have been and will be living and residing in apartments in Hanoi Vietnam this .

1. Fires: Reduced to "save themselves"

This is the 3rd, Keangnam building fires.

The first fire occurred in 10 hours 20 minutes morning 6/11/2010 at Tower B 70 floors of buildings. Monday fire that occurred on 24/03/2010 at floor 25 of Keangnam. Fires happened two days ago but no major damage but again who made the residents more confused, afraid.

Exchanges with PV, Senior Lieutenant Colonel Nguyen Van Son - Deputy Police Chief Fire (FPF) Ha Noi Police have said: highest vehicle scale fighting in Hanoi now only reach up to ... floor 14. Besides, at 323:2004 standard (standard Vietnam Construction - buildings - design criteria) is also only identify buildings with height 25 meters to 100 meters - the equivalent of a 30 storey . Accordingly, the standard super-tall buildings (over 30 floors) is currently not available.

The fire was third on 27 / 8 and more recently a resident makes Keangnam panic, anxiety.
High-rise fire, the fire is complex. With the equipment currently in Vietnam, most fire-fighting force is only used by means of fire stairs, take a lot of hose time wheel as well as implementation of other necessary facilities. Fire engines must run at much higher pressure. Each one meter tall equal to 1 m water column.

Building higher the water pressure up to scratch requires a large tomb. Forces fighting extremely hard to put out a fire. So, in addition to self-rescue equipment in the existing condominiums, the occurrence of fire and explosion is the most important people to be calm here, find the plan "save themselves".

Ms. Trinh Thuy Mai, the resident representative interim Keangnam petrotimes talk, complains: "We oppose the management fee is 18 600 m2 of Keangnam by utilities not meeting the requirements of residents, more again living in unsafe conditions like this. After the fire today, we see that, Keangnam Vina Company to produce a certificate of fire safety, including the certification and operation management, the building is so new problems occurring fire fire, can not measure the consequences will happen if a fire broke out at a higher level. "
oday, the Hanoi Vietnam Opera circle 100. Not only are massive structures were built during the French Opera House was the place where a series of important events in the country.
Started construction in 1901 and completed in 1911, the Hanoi Opera House is a combination of ancient architecture of Greece and the Paris Opera House. With a budget of up to 2 million francs, project 2600 m2 large theater in Hanoi has caused controversy in the press in France at that time.
After 100 years in use, works great, but the French government built in the early 20th century retained the architectural lines before.
Earlier, in front of the theater (Paul Bert is the first city) had the nuoc.Nhung fountain statue was then removed, replaced by the August Revolution Square is located at Trang Tien Street.
Inside the theater is a large stage to accommodate 870 seats, used as a place of performance of classical art forms such as opera, chamber music, drama ... for the upper classes of French and a handful of wealthy Vietnamese.
Morning of 9 / 12, the Hanoi Opera House has celebrated the 100th anniversary of the establishment. Leaders of Ministry of Culture, Sport and Tourism has announced its decision on the classification of historic art and architecture of Hanoi Opera House and the August Revolution Square.

Speaking at the ceremony, Minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism Hoang Tuan Anh stressed that Hanoi Opera House as evidence of divine, and handed to mark the historic event and the most important revolution of as well as national capital. The work is architecturally one of a kind, the French colonial government built a model in Paris Garnier Opera House from 1901 to 1911.
Born in Hanoi, is a native of Hanoi Vietnam, I have been to establish the industry as a school. But when the Saigon Saigon I understand not for me, but rather is not for me there.

I am bewildered between the bustling city and it seems it never sleeps. Length is always active in Saigon as waterfall rushing flood, where people rushed the stream of life that does not seem to know I'll never stop. In contrast, Hanoi has a calm and a moderate pace so no one caught on with no way out.

Each city has its own beauty and the people who live there love it feels its own way. The newcomers open to see all the beauty of every house, every street corner, the road where they go through.

I love Hanoi in the quiet of the sunny autumn day submerged, the afternoon sun to collect gold, small streets milk faint scent of a flower, the flower of dawn, the rainfall stopped suddenly wriggle affected by the monsoon season and the way football in the rain to dark to go about the streets flooded characteristic of Hanoi.

Hanoi like the country girl and start growing accustomed to modern life. In contrast, Saigon offers the look of the lady of radio messages and beautiful but have a difficult life and professional distress. Each city has a life of its soul and its own common concern.

In Hanoi, I came across his old felt hat hair leaning on the top and walk down to meet the funeral car pass. I love Hanoi in eating patterns, patterns in which the mother teaches her daughter growing up as dinner invitations. The Hanoi very elegant dining, outstanding, and very little food when the sound emitted in the blow fell that it is often customary sá hear. Love in the big girl on her husband can do the processing and food for family meals warm soft and happy. I also love the tone of Hanoi in Hanoi, but the pronunciation, the voice warm buffer after each "A" feature so that the world trade body.

Many people in Hanoi have the same thoughts, the city now too dirty, too noisy and unkempt! The dust of the urban and the rapid changes of life lead to greater changes in the human heart. Hanoi is not itself, was hybrid-stretch to many, has lost the charm that is now only recall the memories of the songs on the fall of Trinh Cong Son, Phu Quang ...
Thang Long- Ha Noi, contains a thousand year history, could be a melting pot of culture, civilization crystallized Vietnam.
Located within the Red River Delta triangle with fertile land, rich, this place was soon a middle of politics and faith since the start of Hanoi Vietnam's history.
In the projection moved the capital, Ly Thai said, "In the middle off the country, with the dragon scrolls so that they sit, position within the four North East South West, the mountainous terrain when the river front. At the situation where that wide flat, high ground that bright, not residents laid low with flood, things are lush fertile. read across Vietnam was one place where all, to be gathered four seats, is where most of the Empire's Capital kingdom forever! "
Thang Long ancient land, shaped from the village, with bamboo, sea water, little gardens, ponds chuom ... nowadays marks "village" that also existed somewhere to the previous city, ancient village taciturn, pretty, with several a winding lane, winding, winding within a contemporary vietnam hanoi, busy.
Thang Long-Hanoi, the capital of Vietnam, additionally at the crossroads of nice cultures. The culture is usually expressed through language, dress, food traditions, the pleasures of entertainment ... They still keep the sport fun as elegant flowers, plant trees, birds ... though the town nowadays has become cramped. Costumes of Hanoi, though several changes over time, continues to be thought-about a sublime and sleek.
If the Sword Lake, Red River, West Lake, said Nguyen Dinh Thi, is that the "soul mountain river deposited thousands of years," the dialect from Vietnam as a result of such a lot of individuals "died" flock here earn their living through history History provides a thousand years, has been purified and stop taking the "language of Hanoi" said Hoai or a "language Hoguom" represents one amongst the brightest English in Vietnam within the morning.
In fashionable times, Thang Long-Ha Noi-Dong continues to be terribly mysterious and enticing by historical proof, the human imprint on the legendary legends, historic sites, neighborhoods, home previous homes, old walls, old street ...
Architecture of ha noi vietnam evokes the spirit of a civilization, a cultural life within the family lines of heat breath generations. Hanoi's previous Quarter is that the most crowded areas. Over the years, the residents lived by handicrafts and trade little businesses that type the characteristic lines carrying street names like droop Bac, Hang H, Hang Road, Hang Dong, Drug, North ... additionally, the remaining Hanoi streets typical previous French design, wide streets here, long and coated with trees.
History of Thang Long additionally created into a sexy space for tourism, with its historic sites and cultural well-known as Thang Long Royal Citadel, the population of Literature-Quoc Tu Giam, Turtle Tower-Temples Ngoc Son, One Pillar Pagoda, Thang Long's death, the Co Loa ... Guests additionally can relish being walking round the previous city or the bustling little town of ancient open cyclo contemplation.
Ha Thanh is legendary for its ancient villages, packed with crafts delicate as Bat Trang pottery, silk La Khe, Ngu Xa bronze, Ha Thai lacquer ... with the village flower and decorative plant called Nhat Tan, Quang Ba, Nghi Tam.
As the cultural center of the North for hundreds of years, in low-cost flights to hanoi vietnam will realize and luxuriate in the cuisine of the many lands, however the cuisine the town has its peculiarities. returning to Hanoi, one can't miss the chance to relish the standard dishes like com around the village, Hanoi, Thanh Tri-rolls, Cha Ca La Vong, Ho Tay shrimp cake.
There are several different typical dishes like bun thang, noodles, rolls, noodles and spring rolls, bun bung, noodles grow, tofu Open, produce town Phu An, nem chua regarding
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