Do not stop in fear of fire, people living in the tallest building in Vietnam has suffered hundreds of thousands of other fears such rules stairs, free chat ...

Fires have occurred on the 7th floor building Keangnam pm 27 / 8 past again sounding a bell fears for thousands of residents have been and will be living and residing in apartments in Hanoi Vietnam this .

1. Fires: Reduced to "save themselves"

This is the 3rd, Keangnam building fires.

The first fire occurred in 10 hours 20 minutes morning 6/11/2010 at Tower B 70 floors of buildings. Monday fire that occurred on 24/03/2010 at floor 25 of Keangnam. Fires happened two days ago but no major damage but again who made the residents more confused, afraid.

Exchanges with PV, Senior Lieutenant Colonel Nguyen Van Son - Deputy Police Chief Fire (FPF) Ha Noi Police have said: highest vehicle scale fighting in Hanoi now only reach up to ... floor 14. Besides, at 323:2004 standard (standard Vietnam Construction - buildings - design criteria) is also only identify buildings with height 25 meters to 100 meters - the equivalent of a 30 storey . Accordingly, the standard super-tall buildings (over 30 floors) is currently not available.

The fire was third on 27 / 8 and more recently a resident makes Keangnam panic, anxiety.
High-rise fire, the fire is complex. With the equipment currently in Vietnam, most fire-fighting force is only used by means of fire stairs, take a lot of hose time wheel as well as implementation of other necessary facilities. Fire engines must run at much higher pressure. Each one meter tall equal to 1 m water column.

Building higher the water pressure up to scratch requires a large tomb. Forces fighting extremely hard to put out a fire. So, in addition to self-rescue equipment in the existing condominiums, the occurrence of fire and explosion is the most important people to be calm here, find the plan "save themselves".

Ms. Trinh Thuy Mai, the resident representative interim Keangnam petrotimes talk, complains: "We oppose the management fee is 18 600 m2 of Keangnam by utilities not meeting the requirements of residents, more again living in unsafe conditions like this. After the fire today, we see that, Keangnam Vina Company to produce a certificate of fire safety, including the certification and operation management, the building is so new problems occurring fire fire, can not measure the consequences will happen if a fire broke out at a higher level. "

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