Born in Hanoi, is a native of Hanoi Vietnam, I have been to establish the industry as a school. But when the Saigon Saigon I understand not for me, but rather is not for me there.

I am bewildered between the bustling city and it seems it never sleeps. Length is always active in Saigon as waterfall rushing flood, where people rushed the stream of life that does not seem to know I'll never stop. In contrast, Hanoi has a calm and a moderate pace so no one caught on with no way out.

Each city has its own beauty and the people who live there love it feels its own way. The newcomers open to see all the beauty of every house, every street corner, the road where they go through.

I love Hanoi in the quiet of the sunny autumn day submerged, the afternoon sun to collect gold, small streets milk faint scent of a flower, the flower of dawn, the rainfall stopped suddenly wriggle affected by the monsoon season and the way football in the rain to dark to go about the streets flooded characteristic of Hanoi.

Hanoi like the country girl and start growing accustomed to modern life. In contrast, Saigon offers the look of the lady of radio messages and beautiful but have a difficult life and professional distress. Each city has a life of its soul and its own common concern.

In Hanoi, I came across his old felt hat hair leaning on the top and walk down to meet the funeral car pass. I love Hanoi in eating patterns, patterns in which the mother teaches her daughter growing up as dinner invitations. The Hanoi very elegant dining, outstanding, and very little food when the sound emitted in the blow fell that it is often customary sá hear. Love in the big girl on her husband can do the processing and food for family meals warm soft and happy. I also love the tone of Hanoi in Hanoi, but the pronunciation, the voice warm buffer after each "A" feature so that the world trade body.

Many people in Hanoi have the same thoughts, the city now too dirty, too noisy and unkempt! The dust of the urban and the rapid changes of life lead to greater changes in the human heart. Hanoi is not itself, was hybrid-stretch to many, has lost the charm that is now only recall the memories of the songs on the fall of Trinh Cong Son, Phu Quang ...

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