Thang Long- Ha Noi, contains a thousand year history, could be a melting pot of culture, civilization crystallized Vietnam.
Located within the Red River Delta triangle with fertile land, rich, this place was soon a middle of politics and faith since the start of Hanoi Vietnam's history.
In the projection moved the capital, Ly Thai said, "In the middle off the country, with the dragon scrolls so that they sit, position within the four North East South West, the mountainous terrain when the river front. At the situation where that wide flat, high ground that bright, not residents laid low with flood, things are lush fertile. read across Vietnam was one place where all, to be gathered four seats, is where most of the Empire's Capital kingdom forever! "
Thang Long ancient land, shaped from the village, with bamboo, sea water, little gardens, ponds chuom ... nowadays marks "village" that also existed somewhere to the previous city, ancient village taciturn, pretty, with several a winding lane, winding, winding within a contemporary vietnam hanoi, busy.
Thang Long-Hanoi, the capital of Vietnam, additionally at the crossroads of nice cultures. The culture is usually expressed through language, dress, food traditions, the pleasures of entertainment ... They still keep the sport fun as elegant flowers, plant trees, birds ... though the town nowadays has become cramped. Costumes of Hanoi, though several changes over time, continues to be thought-about a sublime and sleek.
If the Sword Lake, Red River, West Lake, said Nguyen Dinh Thi, is that the "soul mountain river deposited thousands of years," the dialect from Vietnam as a result of such a lot of individuals "died" flock here earn their living through history History provides a thousand years, has been purified and stop taking the "language of Hanoi" said Hoai or a "language Hoguom" represents one amongst the brightest English in Vietnam within the morning.
In fashionable times, Thang Long-Ha Noi-Dong continues to be terribly mysterious and enticing by historical proof, the human imprint on the legendary legends, historic sites, neighborhoods, home previous homes, old walls, old street ...
Architecture of ha noi vietnam evokes the spirit of a civilization, a cultural life within the family lines of heat breath generations. Hanoi's previous Quarter is that the most crowded areas. Over the years, the residents lived by handicrafts and trade little businesses that type the characteristic lines carrying street names like droop Bac, Hang H, Hang Road, Hang Dong, Drug, North ... additionally, the remaining Hanoi streets typical previous French design, wide streets here, long and coated with trees.
History of Thang Long additionally created into a sexy space for tourism, with its historic sites and cultural well-known as Thang Long Royal Citadel, the population of Literature-Quoc Tu Giam, Turtle Tower-Temples Ngoc Son, One Pillar Pagoda, Thang Long's death, the Co Loa ... Guests additionally can relish being walking round the previous city or the bustling little town of ancient open cyclo contemplation.
Ha Thanh is legendary for its ancient villages, packed with crafts delicate as Bat Trang pottery, silk La Khe, Ngu Xa bronze, Ha Thai lacquer ... with the village flower and decorative plant called Nhat Tan, Quang Ba, Nghi Tam.
As the cultural center of the North for hundreds of years, in low-cost flights to hanoi vietnam will realize and luxuriate in the cuisine of the many lands, however the cuisine the town has its peculiarities. returning to Hanoi, one can't miss the chance to relish the standard dishes like com around the village, Hanoi, Thanh Tri-rolls, Cha Ca La Vong, Ho Tay shrimp cake.
There are several different typical dishes like bun thang, noodles, rolls, noodles and spring rolls, bun bung, noodles grow, tofu Open, produce town Phu An, nem chua regarding

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