In the list of declared objects and instruments to deduct the property of Keangnam has recorded up to 1000 the number of cameras to ensure the security and good order for the building this apartment. However, as soon as it comes into operation, in the first operation, a series of incidents occurred was on the "prime" the poor quality of the management team building. In particular, the loss of theft - which at least one unexpected luxury, the most elegant Hanoi still happen before the surprise of many people.

As reflected by a woman living in apartment A1101, dated 05/05/2011 about her work, inadvertently forgotten laptops in cars. The next morning go to work, she of the loss of your computer. Reported to protect the company, it announced: Not responsible for this. But after residents suggest checking the camera to steal the name "direct deduction" is none other than security guards.

Minutes confirmed at the security guards stole computer Keangnam residents.
This incident is being protected confirmation of Man company. "The issue is whether security guards were robbed at home will steal cars elsewhere while residents have loopholes? Or the modern equipment in the building safe? It's always dangerous when a high-end apartments are 5 star guard confidentiality but there are rogue elements like "- Uncle T., a member of the interim board of Keangnam residents complained to the PV.

Installing the card from exclusive to residents or members inside the building aims to manage and close to a scientific one. However, in a conversation with reporters on the sidelines, a technician at Keangnam said: Anybody (not residents of Keangnam), if required can also "secret" to buy the card from this for ... quite soft. Because, according to the technical staff: Time to do a card from the place not long, moreover, the monitoring and management from the card is not strictly so if "the price", they can "do illegal "cards for profit.
"In apartments increasingly populated as difficult to manage. Meanwhile, the thieves often steal in order to ensure nhe places much of, so much money in Keangnam is very normal conversation. Therefore, in addition to other concerns, residents are more a fear: Loss of stealing "- Although very nervous, but a people in Keangnam had to admit.

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