Hanoi Vietnam has two molded to he was awarded the artist Dang Van and Chu Van Hai, is the village of Xuan La, Duc, Phu Xuyen - where the old legend lines between 300-600 years.

To he children's toys, squeeze the seeds cooked pasta, are colored. Where to he, kids gravitate there. They are "the problem" and who expressed to he who "solved problem." Gióng St., Sun Wukong, dragons, birds, monkeys, elephants, tigers, leopards, double-martial, education ... are both injured. In previous years, the hobby is to he went with the children in both dreams.

Supplies of real artists to he just a simple wooden casket, a few jars of boiled rice mixed plastic blood products, bamboo sticks and little old plastic chairs. All this is carefully tied on a bike every move. So, the folk artists on day wandering through the street corners, parks, ports for ... until after New Year's Eve to blow into the human soul to he small.

To he who express a principle of the family is only passed to his son and daughter. Express comes to he long but because the material was burned copy should not find a particular job group. Moreover, in the village there is a lot like family, Nguyen, Vu Le, Chu, Zheng said that they always express to he. Hence the title of the job is always room for family deserves.

Xuan La with time almost the whole village went to he expressed. They are traveling around the country, from Hue to Saigon, from Lang Son to Ca Mau, where there are people who make a living village. Occupation lang tarpaulins, each person choose a different place but still the largest in Hanoi.

Hanoi to the zoo can see dozens of Xuan La craftsman, each with a corner, they quietly bought those seats and squeeze enough to he bright colors. Cycling about 30km to the capital that they can practice. Road bike sales away from the familiar. How many children in Hanoi were familiar.

Children now play the favorite superheroes, sailor moon, songoku, pikachu ... than playing the familiar animals as buffalo, chickens, pigs. Many times people have to express to he enlisted read more comics, watch cartoons to vividly express that it satisfied the children but still have enough for 12 animal model for the guests.

Expressing a to he takes about five minutes, which sold several thousand dollars, sometimes all day and only sold a few seeds, but they were conceived: the "how much interest but no per-view fun with the kids those to he other side, I also love my job more fun that spread. "Now, when Xuan La has become famous, visitors to the village is like the rustic look, simplicity of a child and found to he understand the history of villages, and then hand those to he expressed his love to bring back memories.

Each brought to he went to Japan to participate in international fairs and village, but now most roots artist Dang Van Village is no longer enough to ride more street vendors. The sad memory at training, he was dragged out to he casket vocational training for children of five to seven flood. He said the job "market early last line" people do this cheat, it was off to fun festival, to expose his face on street corners to earn every penny.

In the spring, the season is also the season of the artists make a living all the way to he. January begins with council, the Assembly Loa, within the Assembly Lim, then sink to the Assembly remote countryside.

Often nights 30 nights festival is that artists earn the most in the village, but when people on the eve of the reunion, the artist wrong reverse the steps to he steps back home tired, when the inn .

Many artists give up the New Year, sleeping on pavements, park benches next to continue along those traveling to he. People become artists to he of course had too much sun and rain and the flowers on each seed mix.

There should freshly wash to he. Powder is molded to he nothing more to food, rice mixed with a glutinous rice, rolled several times for fine, smooth, and then dried to international water available there from the day before. Every morning air was powder with water and bring color into dough kneading maturity.

With a transmission mechanic legs, the first colored water derived from the edible leaves. These colors are all things to do is eat vegetables every day, apart from pineapple leaves, beetroot leaves, red Gac, there are turmeric, song sheets, cabbage leaves, penny proud ...

Every season had anything that rotation. How hard but yet has an interest, he missed the child to play with chewing, swallowing you have to he, it does not matter. Powder were hot items cooked to the drag on as it pulled candy or cake thickness. The more carefully as plastic powders, more easily molded.

Apprentices to he wanted to start expressing things. The lesson is simple. Xe dough around a toothpick for a bat. But it is to distinguish bamboo sticks St. Gióng not necessarily scholarship Sun Wukong, the way to other vehicles. Large vehicles such as the round cursive writing, there are bamboo sticks. The wheel is not uniform, pushing a preview of the bottle touch the powder in the bottle palm to her stylist for rough bamboo sticks.

Want irons round the closed car, a song in that the dough is smooth means of two hands, before the cast are as square as a sharp one foot phuong.Khi has strong writing skills can apply for cards song that tiny bamboo weapon. Express items shall be used to move files manually squeeze the animal. Remains to he has a bamboo stick in, so before after only one standing.

The four-legged animals are difficult to express, because they crawl but never stand! So squeeze the circus animals as well as interesting. To teach the dragon, snake, plastic bending around other bamboo stick to hit diaphragm even more, still to be bohemian. The cat then had to climb the bridge, to hug the tree that stands as the cau.

Create the finished article from the new species move through all the labels, make sense for the human face. Express to he very similar to the art of opera mask painting. Symbolic, conventional high, medium red face The pair in silver / her flirtatious little fiber beard sparse horn. Squeeze to he can look to find out the relationship between art with folk theater.

Prashant whether woodcutter cut flowers wood surface is mostly gray with static, not to he ngoet as Information Management. On the long white beard homesick, ear to belly large, the shape of how, in the application itself, the target market Liu.

Quan Van Truong, face red as fire cycle, full beard constellation of meaning in mind ceremony credit, slanted eyes up, and still am Quac gentle, always cartridge size, hand kept the juniors with Liu Bei, not spread in arrogant finger pointing with two fingers that close, close-interstitial, which is thought carried over military way of life for returning soldiers. Has expressed Liu Zhang Fei to face the black and white, have bulging eyes, forehead rough, bearded tassel deposition.

Since the veteran artist Dang Van To busy to Japan in red clay to he performed, gender folklore riet table drain to the restoration of this job. Have suggested, find a more sustainable materials to he, what is on rice! But opinion in the opposite direction also.

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