Prior to 1975, he Sea was around 36 in Hanoi Vietnam old town and sold to he expressed. During this time, the main squeeze is the focus of the army and the guerrillas her people, tanks, cars are very popular children next 12 animal and animal fun everyday.

He remember once, a girl blubbered when he announced the review to war, her mother immediately took me out to he Customs expressed his thanks to the neglect of household is a focus of tai beo team hat, shoulder bandoliers porch the horizontal. Then the week your baby is demanding that his mother looking to squeeze the to he published.

Type the characters express are always changing according to the interests of the children. Every watch cartoon character or hay, they are required to squeeze as Sun Wukong, Zhu Bajie, Na Tra, robotics. Many orphaned children have also asked his mother's protest image as a mother that I imagined.

From the hair, clothes, all smiles as they thought. The squeeze at the request of the children has become increasingly popular. Mr. Hai said: "what's unique to he is the uniqueness of character, such as I have expressed a hundred times but each time the Qi Natural posture, not once does the same every time."

Time ago, Mr. Hai is the SOS children village teacher in Hanoi with a kindergarten in Phuong Mai, Dong Da district, Hanoi city inviting for children to express and guide children in expressing collective the extra-curricular hours. Also, talk to me about what's unique craft to he expressed. It's a good time with Mr. Hai.

The children get very excited about the cartoon characters, animals imagined in his mind the customs turned into reality. He shared, just imagination and love of children, who molded the character will have to he a soul alive.

After the happy memories, he suddenly sighed Customs on the dates of their hardships. Vocational training to go to he is more, the festival or the town where markets populated. By going to make a living in the land of the stories were waylaid, driving change is normal.

There are times, Mr. Hai was sitting on the street, the police arrested the gear box, because children are curious spectators causing traffic jams. Secondly encounter rain, loss of both lead and fishing. Every tree has value only to he from the 2000-5000 contract.

Craft a living, but just enough to he nobody rich from this business. Many people from the clay to he went out, learn new trades more conservative about to he quit. Therefore, Xuan La village next to he career has molded rice paper rolls craft, woodwork, on cotton ...

Artisan Sea harness because if there is no way the conservation profession, only the near future profession to he will disappear. He is training hard to teach children and neighbors. The quick-witted as he taught, just eight months can bring the supplies to make pieces of rice galaxy.

How much experience and technical know-how in the powder off, on, pasting, trimming how to get the material to he has his soul will pass on to young people. He and his people have found ways to improve the life of a tree to he from several days to a month over month there were some certain results.

Now as old age, the artist Chu Van Hai friends with the guitar in tune period chau van singing for the elderly in the family ceremonies of temples and shrines. Mr. Hai improve Mieu now playing dance, music lyrics of the artist is not a school of music, listening to bureaucratic fascinating as the plants left to he done fascinated generations of children from the hands of craftsmen this flower.

On 27/5/2009, the conference "Current situation and solutions to promote professional production values ​​of traditional toys Hanoi," held in the village of Xuan La, Master Le Vu Trong, Research Center and child support, made the startling figure: within four years, there were 84,000 cases of children with injuries caused by toys.

Many cases of intellectual stagnation, mental disorders, eye damage, burns, poisoning, choking and even death. At the Institute of Pediatrics, nearly half of more than 100 samples airway foreign bodies are being reserved in pediatrics is the product of children's toys.

It is estimated that in recent years "Chinese toys" accounts for nearly 80% market share in Vietnam, including many toxic toys, with exorbitant prices to the million.

Then one startled look back to those he loved, little, a traditional game that old models, despite the manual for generations, is still here. /.

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