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Like many naive people in the village bell land of Thanh Oai (Hanoi Vietnam), artist Pham Tran Canh life associated with hats, hats that he was born, grew up with hats.

After months on the gun battle, when the body no longer healed he returned to the hat. And he was a conical basket with handle revive sport seemingly was lost after 50 years.

Making hats is as natural as breathing

Village Bell is a semi-mountain regions, the east edge of the Red River, the west into the mountains from Hoa Binh to Thanh Hoa. Small fields, some new inhabitants have a job, so hats pole field is the source of living.

Artisan Tran Canh Pham was 82 years old, when a boy he learned to knit caps and hats. His grandmother, his parents living by knitting hats capital. He said, this business with the village bell natural as breathing, grandparents as parents do, children to follow, look at each other that do. Compared to material wealth, the people do not high-hat, a good job as his best month harvest only 600,000 to 700,000 VND. But the house you also know, from 90 years old to 10-year-old baby, who made the five, six hundred, who were two hundred thousand, the cumulative "worst cut was" also improve life.

4 / 1946 he Canh on the team. Early in 1951, our troops liberated Dong Khe, the French military defeat at the land border on the plain, they hunt the enemy team scattered in the area. He was a scout in the population, trying to penetrate the boots mapping situation. Exposed, he was arrested twice. Enemy torture but he kept a secret base in the heart of enemy resistance. Both times, he broke jail with you at the port 41 (Ha Dong town) and purple boots to return to war. In 1952 he was wounded in the battle of liberation, Phu Xuyen.

Become second-class wounded, he returned to join the local, time mastered the craft of the cooperative, at the Vice Party Secretary, to mobilize resistance against U.S. forces. He was State Liberation Medal, third class, 46-year-old party badge, badge revolutionaries arrested imprisonment. Vacation work, he returns to cap ...

Find the cone basket with handle operation

Raw materials for hats are only three palm leaves, bamboo frame and plastic fiber charge the old days without charge, the particular stage of hook fiber stripped from trees Giang.

There are two kinds of leaves, old leaves of palm trees brought from Phu Tho, the second is taken from the White leaves Ky Anh, Ha Tinh out. Bell only ancient village of old leaves, and white leaves emerging from 50 years, from the white cones arising from Hue became common. Leaves beautiful white light, with teenage girls but quickly broken. Hat age old traditional or team leader, reliable, private hat straps made of old leaves just sports.

When he saw some old grandmother sports hat strap. In the village, the procession she go home, village festival or procession to the temples were handed sports hats. After the wars straps sports hats lost because no one uses anymore.

In 1997, a delegation of public documents including foreign visitors seeking sports cap straps, after traveling many provinces from Ha Tinh, no one received as a hat. They arrived in the village of Bell questioned the economic, social and shook his head because from 1946, has 50 years straps are no longer doing sports hats, the old hat is not ancient.

Out, he claimed do not know whether cones do not, he thought, before I know where that shooting stars on the team that shoots well, is hard to do much.

He tried to imagine the days of small for my grandmother how to cap, but when it began work, pattern no longer exists, he must find it. Although only one day on his feet but still use the vehicle traveling all provinces babetta it to other provinces to form cones. He ended by being a woman in Dong Xuan, she found a hat that form a pagoda in Hanoi still kept. Back home, taking apart his hat to examine roads needle nose just like, how many round hats, a few leaves. So he restored the hat strap sport seemingly was lost.

Sports straps hat has six stages, the first step is very meticulous work leaves called "swallowing." Palms in Phu Tho each month just to have a blue bud, cutting a three dry sunny summer that it turn blue to white. Then for the hun in salt kilns burning leaves thin white fluorescent and over, then bring the gang plow burned up in the fire, wrapped in a cloth is used on each leaf for flat. This is the most difficult, if that region is to fire, not white hat worthless.

Stage two is the loop on campus called "pop" ring. Stage three is to use a conical thatch. Stage four is the stage, the villagers called the contraction cone bell. Stage five is the stage when cones are finished pouring the mold of the "tingle Scorpion" and finally decorate hats.

Wear hats to exhibitions in Germany, the Czech

After some time, the Lotus Hotel in Hanoi to put two hats 2m diameter to exhibit the two countries in Germany and Czechoslovakia. Cone diameter, the circumference of 2m to 7m, thanks to some support, both of them were two hat out for a month to complete. To foil hat, he asked for so many leaves from Phu Tho, each sheet is only a dozen selected for the longest tops 2m diameter cone roof, each side must have two or more meters long leaves.

After being brought to the exhibition industry in the country, in addition to the hat making money, the hotel gave him a million. He thought to himself, that is the fortune of their native country with his new job is done, I was a Party member, is a soldier so that he supported the money for kindergarten in the village, an amount not less with him at that time.

With the business of the village, he always kept his optimism by formerly think Vietnam has more than 20 million people, now nearly 100 million, although modern life, but users are still many hats. Those agricultural workers, outdoor workers should have a hat hat still selling. Now not only throughout the district where the village bell, the village does have a hat, as well as many sold out. This is the concept of his own happiness, and the whole village bell again.


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