August Revolution victory, on 09.02.1945, at Ba Dinh Square, President Ho Chi Minh read the Declaration of Independence and the birth of the Democratic Republic of Vietnam, Hanoi Vietnam became the capital of the country.

Building and protecting people's democratic government
People's democratic government has recently formed to deal with the enemy in collusion with foreign enemies plotting to overthrow the government of Ho Chi Minh. Facing the danger "hanging hair", under the direct leadership of the Party Central Committee and President Ho, Party unity has made capital "and national resistance" against hunger, illiteracy, foreign invaders, build and strengthen the protection of the revolutionary government, defeat all schemes of imperialist Anglo-French-American-Chiang reactionaries and their henchmen, the new regime to protect, maintain an social order and security in the capital.
In those days this tough, the Party Central Committee, headed by President Ho Chi Minh city Vietnam, has advocated "peace for progress", signed a preliminary agreement with France (03.06.1946) to pursue soldiers return home , and the necessary time to prepare forces for all aspects of the war against the French, sooner or later will happen.
On 3/18/1946, 1,200 French troops are allowed to play in Hanoi and the prescribed position. Shortly after entering the city, the French generals of military planning and gradually occupied the city, proceed to overthrow the Government of the Democratic Republic of Vietnam, Vietnam invaded again.
From 18 / 4 to date 12/5/1946, the Government of Vietnam delegation and the French preparatory meeting in Da Lat prepare for truce talks. During the meeting, the Government of Vietnam delegation has fought to expose the conspiracy of the French to remove the Preliminary Agreement 6 / 3, an attempt to restore colonial regime in Vietnam. After nearly a month, the meeting deadlocked stubborn attitude of the French delegation.
From day 6 / 7 to date 3/9/1946, Vietnam delegation led by Mr. Pham Van Dong, head of the delegation to France to attend the Vietnamese-French negotiations in Phongtennoblo. Do stubborn attitude and aggression of the French, talks between the government delegation failed. President Ho Chi Minh signed a provisional agreement with the Government on 14 / 9 for the necessary time to continue building their forces and prepare for the national resistance that people know for sure will happen.
Before the new situation and new demands of the revolution, the Party was to strengthen the Party System, the National Front government agreed to the city of neighborhoods, villages, development of extensive political force moreover, on that basis, strengthening the armed forces to strengthen the capital of three troops (Defense Corps, fought in Safeguard Hoang Dieu, largely in defense plants, factories, neighborhoods, villages).
Since the national conference of the Military Party (19.10.1946), the capital of Hanoi to prepare resistance. January 11/1946, the Central Party divided the country into a war zone 12; XI Hanoi war zone. The city became battlegrounds. The capital of the armed forces (5 Defense Corps battalions and 9,000 self-defense) with weapons is charged detained enemy foot and consumption in the city for some time, at least one month, enabling Party and the North Vietnamese government to withdraw safely.
20 hours 30 minutes on 19/12, the capital's active troops opened fire, beginning with the national struggle, against the French invasion. From 19/12/1946 to 17/02/1947, 60 days and nights of fighting, keep each roof, street corners, in the spirit of "Better dead not be slaves," "death decisions for the country of birth", Hanoi's troops in 2000 destroyed the enemy, successfully completed the assigned tasks, defeating conspiracy to destroy the headquarters, to conquer and master the city in 24 hours of French.
The victory of the battle begins 60 days The war is victory of people's way of war, the people, full of the Party's victory is a tradition of patriotism and revolutionary heroism of the troops and people of Hanoi. "This is a glorious opening of the great wars against the French, contributed to that tradition-Dong Thang Long-Hanoi.

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