More than 20km away from Hanoi Vietnam to the north, have a professional do the ancient village carved wooden craft, which has a long story about the specific job San, who was the first buildings to paint Saint Tan Vien faith with pieces of wood carved with a dragon, fish, the rookie general failure of the glass is still handed down forever. It is the village of Design Applications, Van Ha Commune, Dong Anh District, Hanoi.

No one knows San instrument was, was like, just know that the main instrument was the first professional television Tip Set for Applicants to the village today, people in Hanoi, as well as four new tourist have the opportunity to admire the works antique wood carvings delicate, lively, full of art of village artisans Application Design.

In the minds of the people of Application Design, carving wood carving seems to parallel the history and development of the village.

Formerly, the carved wood products Application Setting so popular that they are on display throughout the Hang Trong and Hang tray and swarms. Hang sell all kinds of trays Tray cup, casket, betel boxes, jewelry boxes, while the Hang Trong and Hang Dan, Every fan is working as well as artisans selling collapsed, mahogany, tea chests, court letter , a couch, incense, long home ...

Many skilled workers of the village was called Equipment Applications for participation in providing design, build palaces, tombs for the kings of the Nguyen dynasty level. Many of them are imperial Hue and rank the mission of Bac Ninh Ba permanent household products, typically implicit tool, a good mechanic in the village had been requisitioned to do in the capital of Hue, after work is completed , An ordained tri specific district, but because he wanted the job, specifically refused and returned to Hanoi to open shops in the town of Cotton.

Now, these people have become old, but natural wood carving craft with the traditional secret shall remain timeless, as an eloquent testament to the enduring vitality of the ancient villages like Village Design Applications.

Through the vicissitudes of time, including changes in its history, the village Application Design today is not always constant sawing English, German, man. These products are made increasingly more diversified. From the original bamboo ugly, rough, there is an attractive shape, and yet the talented hands, skillful artisans Application Design, has become a valuable statues, bewitching beauty .

To switch of a wooden statue of the same template but it is not hard to convey the spirit, the spirit move into the new statue was a difficult, not everyone can do. Want to create a beautiful carved wood products, soulful, workers must first select the type of wood to ensure durability, difficulty bending or cracking. Grain must be flexible, smooth, beautiful polish, then wood is sawed, cut, carved, cell shape and size to do. With the new workers entering the profession, they must draw a pattern on paper, then in the wood for carving.

As the skilled application of Design, only the first sketch of the main lines, so that the sign for the correct size and so are the patterns, motifs such as flowers, leaves, dragon, phoenix ... he just blows by , which is gradually cloudy puffs up like a vivid picture. Each line, the pattern of the statue bears the soul of the landscape and the relaxed nature of human village idyllic place.

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Sir hello, I am interessé by your sculptures, can you send me photos of characters divinity, wise person, height 50CM à60CM thank you, eric janselme

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Hey, you used to write great, but the last several posts have been kinda boring. I miss your tremendous writings. Past few posts are just just a little bit out of track! come on!


as well as four new tourist have the opportunity to admire the works antique wood carvings delicate, lively, full of art of village artisans Application Design.


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