The Hanoi is no stranger to sticky add wine, aromatic, delicious, easy to eat but nobody knows that this is one of the traditional coastal village Nhue Organization (now the Ta Thanh Oai commune, Thanh Tri district, Ha Noi Vietnam).

Here, most farmers are known as rice wine. They do not have to eat, but mostly for sale. There are hundreds of farmers to make this traditional craft.

Every morning dozens of rice wine burden under the bus, do the inner-city car for sale, that's not including alcohol sales team rong, shoulder or bike ride to hang freely around the city Hanoi.

The attractive village of rice wine is tasty Group, say the enzyme concentration, hunting round glutinous rice grains, air, fresh water, not sour. There may have broken any fresh (young men used, or compost is good) The villagers have to keep eating, "yield" of good for the galaxy.

The old village where rice wine profession as that of the village is a long time. In such a sweet girl, modest, hard to make the village group, bringing traditional craft of making fine wine in the village.

The villagers then ate that delicious imitation, learning to follow her. Rice seeds after the rash clean screen, the map nine twice, so cool, and the men to be incubated for three days, hunting and aromatic juice secreted and golden brown, warm and sweet aroma.

When selling, rice caused a small bowl, and water to food reinforcement. Perhaps because that group of villagers call it "rice wine pick." The more you make smart quick cup full of wine, delicious, that floating interest. Otherwise it just takes awkward pick wine, cup of wine looks loss of appetite, has little interest.

The village of rice wine over time, now has "innovation" pretty much the whole way, to sell, and quality. But still the same formula, but it was much simpler to manipulate, not picky as ever. Simple way, the whole village everyone can do.

Dry yeast is commercially available full fair, nobody do men get picky. But most importantly, the villagers said, the current quality rice, the yield should run as far inferior to the former rice (including glutinous yellow flowers have been hybrid, to many degenerative ).

Rice wine and perhaps more available, so sellers do not have to pick now to earn interest heels, but every contact a bowl rushing, or sell the whole weight (20 to 30,000 VND / kg) remained profitable.

Except on "insecticides" (5 / 5 lunar calendar), now rarely met villagers sell rice wine I just do not. Enclosed with the rice wine, in baskets happy, carrying their goods always have all the alcohol level, national slip, fine marble, to meet the needs and pocketbooks of consumers.

Alcohol rules are now only bring items to sell to people "crushing," or eat for pleasure. The owner of the cooperative Ta Thanh Oai (Thanh Tri - Hanoi) said, every day has to run for 70-80% of alcohol sales in the village of travel documents.

They earn on average 35 to 50,000 dong profit / day, sometimes forget farming. In addition, the group of villagers went around the four countries to bring their traditional occupations of the village to the mountain, and coastal region.

Many of the village women of the village has to do strawberries make Ho Chi Minh City Vietnam and southern provinces, bringing the flavors of his native rice wine.

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