From 17.02.1947, Hanoi Vietnam temporarily occupied by the French. The Capital Regiment soldiers farewell beloved city, our vows seriously, "Back to liberate the capital." A few months later, officials, soldiers from the base population has settled back into the city to build the basis of resistance developing guerrilla warfare, breaking of lines surrounding the city, in the heart of enemy enemy , at the lair, the nerve center of the political graves of our military in Indochina.
Guerrilla warfare in the capital has developed to the highest peak with the victory, typically match raid on the airport's Bach Mai Battalion 108 (night 18/01/1950) break 25 aircraft, fuel 60 thousand liters of gasoline, making enemies terror and the struggle of the students, the people crowded beaches during key supporters, mourning memorial Tran Van (from 9 / 1 to 01/20/1950 ).
Since 1950, the U.S. imperialists to directly intervene in Indochina, increasing military aid to France. Therefore, the resistance of the capital's military increasingly difficult and drastic. Hanoi gradually recovered to rebuild the basis of resistance and struggle out conspiracy "to take the war culture wars, the Vietnamese use Vietnamese people beat" of the enemy; from there advance to coordinate with national battlefield in the war Strategy 1953-1954 and Dong Xuan Dien Bien Phu campaign movement captured soldiers; especially Gia Lam airport battle night 07/03/1954 and movement signed a petition demanding peace and demanding the government French government to negotiate with Ho Chi Minh city Vietnam.
Hanoi People's Army has contributed significantly to the great victory of the nation, forcing the French to sign the Geneva Agreement, to recognize the independence, sovereignty and territorial integrity of the three countries of Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia on 20.7.1954. From here the struggle of the Party, Army and the capital's move to a new stage: Anti-sabotage enemy city, preparing forces to take over all aspects of the city.
Under the direct leadership of the Party Central Committee and Party takeover, the Hanoi Party Committee led the strata, core workers, defense plants, factories, offices, against the enemy out dismantling damaged machinery, raw materials, carried important records, and also against the enemy forced migration to the South. After two months of fierce fighting with the enemy, we have kept almost intact machinery, equipment, records and materials in plants, factories, offices, hospitals. A majority of the Hanoi People do not take the bait lure the enemy, in the migration to the South await liberation.
Under the agreements signed at the meeting in line losses, from 2 to 5/10/1954, the Administrative Team and the first order to prepare to take over public buildings, public buildings and military headquarters the police of France, the puppet authorities. From morning 6 / 10 to the way 9 / 10, France withdrew from the suburbs and inner city rolling way. 16 hours 30 minutes on 9/10/1954, the last French soldiers drawn through the Long Bien Bridge to Gia Lam. Night 9 / 10, the first night of peace, vibrant city in the forest and flowers.
The morning of 10/10/1954, the Military Committee and the General Union City 308 in free capital. The same day, the capital's military flag ceremony at the court victory flag pole. Mr. Vuong Thua Vu - the commander of the Front to Hanoi 60 days and nights, on behalf of the Military Committee to read the call of President Ho Chi Minh: "After the big changes, the restoration of normal life often complex, difficult. But the government is determined, the entire concentric fellow Hanoi, agreed to contribute to the Government, shall we be certain beyond all difficulties and achieve a common purpose: to make a capital Hanoi yen stability, cheerful, prosperous ".

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