Decision on 09.01.2008 02/2008/QD-UBND of Hanoi Vietnam People's Committee determined on 19 / 1, will officially manager of vending operations in the city. The pen until 21 / 1, Office of Hanoi City People's Committee reported back the backward message on timeout.

According to proposal of the Department of Commerce, on 04/01/2008 Decision on a new implementation. The pulse around this is problematic, especially to manage vending operations is, in the time interval from now until the official Hanoi much the right properties.

Management of street vendors is necessary

As no complete statistics of the Department of Trade, now the city of Hanoi interval 10 thousand street vendors. The number of people selling vegetables, flowers, fruits used interval 90%. Total sales of groceries, food drink have no more pencils. The number of active vendors regularly used only 40% interval, the remaining 60% is the time to service activities.

Pulse around the manager of vending operations in accordance with Decision 02 of the Hanoi People's Balance Comment poses many problems. Duong Thi Quyen, students of Hanoi Medical University for the truth: Every seaweed can be seen as an old culture of Hanoi capital. Sitting on the pavement eating bean noodles, shrimp paste ... of the three, the vendors she be considered a hobby of many people, especially pupils and students. This dish is not only delicious but very handy sometimes ... so to let it exist. Also have to point that, Vietnam is agriculture, the principles at the vendors in the capital of a country road might Agriculture is to let it course and development, as the economy - our society the max, add-ons from various types of advanced services such as stores, shops, supermarkets ... incremental LAN will operate vending. However, many ideas for truth: Prohibition hawkers in the city is the necessary, by street vendors not only give the beautiful urban, sleazy image as the capital of Vietnam in the eyes of the out that it is also one of the sau give cause congestion, traffic accidents in Hanoi message on the last time. At an angle different degrees, Dr. Nguyen Van Long, Bach Mai hospital for truth: Every rong there is potential risk of disease transfer, by the Most out of foods, food and drink vendors so make sure not hygiene and food-a ... Most Balance rằng comment for at an illegal street vendors on the streets of Hanoi and the management planning vendors in the Region is the situation allow, reasonable. The backward time management plan is appropriate vendors.

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